in the process of writing an author bio for an upcoming anthology (omg omg omg), i started thinking about what kind of poet i am. you know, lots of poets will say, “i’m a performative poet” or “i’m a lyrical poet” or “i’m intergalactic space alien poet.”

i came up with all sorts of semi-serious versions, such as, “i’m a hermetically sealed poet,” and “i met a poet on the stair.” i was tempted to drag out that old chestnut about not liking labels, but the truth is i adore labels. i love the process of crafting as perfect and succinct a descriptor as possible for a thought, feeling, experience, or yes even for myself. after all, i began writing poetry as a way to explain my self to myself.

so i started getting serious about it, and i came up with:

    i am heterotexual, read
    me at your own risk

what do you think?


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