love poems

i can write lust poems, infatuation poems, put-you-on-a-pedestal-and-pray poems. i can write longing, and loneliness, and dissatisfaction.

but love?


maybe it’s because my poetry is about problem solving, but i find it incredibly hard to write love poems. how do i write about something that isn’t a problem? how do i write about love that isn’t poisoned, that isn’t cloying, that isn’t smothering or destructive? how do i write a good poem about joy and growth and vulnerability?

huh. that’s a problem, isn’t it.

well then. i guess i just answered my own question. perhaps if i go about it scientifically: this is the problem, now let’s solve it. the writing is what helps solve the problem. when i begin to write GOOD poems about a difficult topic, i know that i’ve done some intense psychological work around the issue. i grok the problem, i grok a multitude of solutions. the work is a resolution and a road map.

thanks, blog, for helping me figure that out. you’re a pal!


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