so conscious of bodies, of smooth otter bodies, of intentional bodies, thoughtful bodies, playful creating bodies. whole and beautiful bodies.

i could barely speak for the first day because i was so overwhelmed with how good it felt there. but then–all these trans poets! we couldn’t help but ask a million questions, share our stories. spontaneous intimate conversations broke out all over.

yeah, they say that to me too. bathrooms, man. fuck. do you have the right papers? what does your name mean? what does it feel like to be you?

i saw joyful disbelief reflected in the faces around me, is this real? and then can i stay?

and the poetry was all around us and floating above us, between us and the stars, in the water and in the air. such generosity of spirit.

these bright beings are my siblings, my cousins, my kin.

when it was time to go i couldn’t cry. probably too dehydrated from laughing.

like amir said: this is my happy place, the place i will always come back to.


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